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NEC Supplier in Dubai, UAE

Soft Touch Trading LLC is the main Supplier of NEC Phone System in Dubai, UAE. We are the Best Dealer of NEC Phone System in Dubai, UAE. NEC offers a wide range of phones and applications that help businesses benefit from greater productivity. The UNIVERGE family of desktop phones, in-building wireless systems, and softphones help workers quickly and reliably access tools, information, and individuals anywhere at any time. The many customizable options and advanced features available on NEC phones provide businesses with even more flexibility in how they communicate.

Our specialties are NEC flagship products with solutions; we give you the high-quality NEC provides in best price for end users. Also to being a sales point, we also offer professional on the site and remote installing services. If you want, we also provide the AMC service

Why NEC ?

Nippon Electric Company recognized as NEC Corporation has established itself as the one of the leading technological companies. NEC Dubai is working towards the research and development of telecommunication. Thanks to its dedication, this company is relied on communication solutions all around the globe. Based in Japan, this company is a bit cut off from the direct link that makes it difficult to contact it.

This problem is where we come in; we are a local organization operating in Dubai, which serves as an NEC, channel partner. The problem is; Multinational companies fail to provide medium size business or ever a company with 1,000 employee workforce with personal attention. This fact leads to delegate information that can be frustrating.

We understand acute situations when even the most successful business are looking forward to a personal contact approach. With this mindset, we are offering you company NEC products and solutions. We provide you with reliable communication support with attention to each detail

Telephone Systems from NEC

NEC provides you with the right communication solution for your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small company or a medium business; we give you the right telecommunication solutions according to your business.

What makes us better than others is despite being reliable, our solutions/systems have the ability to change with the passage of time to meet your future needs. When you buy from us, you will have a reliable support team to help you keep your business running. We provide you 24-hour support for installation to your account management.

What makes NEC Ideal?

Being one of the leading telecommunication company, NEC gives you the best system and solution that technology can offer. NEC Dubai is available to support from 2 to even 500 users at a time. We help you improve your communication to become productive and efficient. NEX offers fast, reliable and secure telecommunication from the handset to call management. Whatever your business is, communication portal, call center or messaging. We take care of your every business need including our communication and services.